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Why list your goods?
  • By becoming a vendor on Mooch the potential to gain additional revenue streams has never been easier! Small businesses and individuals can generate additional income on underutilized inventory while empowering people to create and host the events they envision affordably and efficiently. Monetize your idle existing assets and increase overall profitability.
  • Mooch is a centralized platform for local businesses easily increasing exposure and customer reach.
  • Strengthen community bonds and build relationships! Participating in a community-sourced platform strengthens engagement and collaboration, thereby creating a supportive ecosystem
What items do you accept?
  • Mooch accepts all items related to events such as tables, chairs, furniture, props, flatware, glassware, plates, linens, lighting, walls, tents, candles, throw pillows, etc. As long as the item is legal and safe to use, it can be listed on the platform. Please check out our drop down menu for further item information when adding your inventory.
What happens after I add my items?
  • After you add your items, they will be listed on the Mooch marketplace, where potential renters can view them and request to rent them. You will receive notifications when someone is interested in renting your item, and you can communicate with the renter to finalize the rental details.
Do you have to approve my items?
  • Yes, all items listed on the Mooch marketplace are subject to approval by the Mooch team to ensure that they meet the platform's safety and quality standards.
Do I set specific times that my items can be rented?
  • The rental period is entirely up to you, and you can set the duration that works best for you. You can choose to rent out your item for a day, a week, or longer.
What happens if a renter damages or steals my items?
  • All renters are vetted to ensure that they meet the platform's safety and quality standards. Renters are required to pay a security deposit (set by you) before renting an item, which can be used to cover any damages that may occur during the rental period. If damages exceed the security deposit, the renter will be responsible for covering the additional costs.
"How does pick up and delivery work?"
  • Vendors have the ability to set their pick up and drop off preferences when they add their inventory to Mooch. A vendor can either drop off an item to a renter (with an added delivery fee) or a vendor can specify if they prefer a renter picks up an item from a set location.
What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing my personal contact information and address?
  • We completely understand not wanting to share your personal home address that is why vendors are able to select an alternative address for pick up when adding inventory to the marketplace. You can also choose to only list your item for delivery, which means that you will not have to share your address with the renter.
Do you vet the event renters?
  • Yes, all renters on the Mooch platform are vetted to ensure that they meet the platform's safety and quality standards.
How do I upload my items to the Mooch marketplace?
  • To upload your items to the Mooch marketplace, create an account on, click on the "Add Item" button, and fill in the details of your item. Be sure to upload photos to showcase your item properll.
How do I remove an item of my inventory from Mooch?
  • To remove an item from your inventory, log in to your Mooch account, go to your item's listing, and click on the "Delete" button
How do I restrict certain dates from my items being rented?
  • During the “add your product” process, there is a simple drop down calendar in which a vendor can choose to block out dates when an item is unavailable. Additionally, Mooch’s inventory management system will block out dates an item is already rented out.
How do I get paid?

Rental profits are processed in two phases after a rental has been completed.

Mooch to Stripe || Stripe to Your Bank

  1. Mooch to Stripe:
    1. Once your equipment is returned, open the rental conversation from your Mooch inbox and click “Mark as Complete”.
    2. Mooch sends profits to your Stripe account within 3-days of a completed rental.

Be sure to mark your rentals as complete once you have received all of your items in working order to ensure the profits are sent as soon as possible.

You can view the status of the transfer to Stripe within a rental thread:

  1. Stripe to Your Bank

Once funds are in Stripe, payouts are automatically initiated at the end of the day. There is no need for you to initiate this, nor can Mooch manually trigger a payout. For established accounts, payouts take 1-2 business days to arrive in your connected bank account after a payout is initiated.

The first payout for new Standard Express, and Custom Connected Stripe accounts may take as long as 7 days after the first successful payment is received. This waiting period can be up to 14 days for businesses in certain industries. This delay allows Stripe to mitigate some of the risks inherent in providing credit services. We cannot expedite this process, as this is a Stripe, not Mooch, policy.

What is the vendor payment structure?

Under this rental arrangement, the vendor is entitled to receive payment for their rented items based on a calculation that takes into account three factors:

  1. Dollar amount per item
  2. Number of items rented
  3. Duration of the rental

To determine the payment owed to the vendor, the dollar amount per item is multiplied by the number of items rented, and then multiplied again by the duration of the rental. This calculation yields the total payment owed to the vendor for their rental items.

(Dollar amount per item x Number of items rented) x Duration of the rental

However, before the payment is made to the vendor, Mooch deducts a service fee of 8% from the total amount owed. Once this fee has been subtracted, the vendor is paid the remaining balance.

In summary, the vendor receives payment for their rental items based on a formula that includes the rental amount per item, number of items rented, and duration of the rental, minus a service fee of 8%.

Do I need to pay income tax on my earnings?

Any income you earn through renting out your items on Mooch is subject to income tax laws in your jurisdiction. It is recommended that you consult with a tax professional or accountant to determine your tax obligations and how to report your earnings.

The IRS requires Mooch to file tax forms for anyone earning more than $600 a year. We will issue the required tax documents yearly. Income will be reported and not withheld.