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The first online rental marketplace that connects people with their local communities to source everything they need to create unforgettable and affordable events.
Event Rentals Reimagined
Empowering Community Connection
Vendor Benefits
Additional revenue stream! Monetize your idle existing assets and increase overall profitability.
A centralized platform for local businesses easily increasing exposure and customer reach.
Strengthen community bonds and build relationships! Participating in a community-sourced platform strengthens engagement and collaboration, thereby creating a supportive ecosystem.
Renter Benefits
Discover unique and distinctive inventory you won't find anywhere else.
Enriching your local economy! By renting from local neighbors and businesses, you are helping to keep the money within the community.
Why buy things you’ll only use a few times, when you can rent them for the fraction of the price? Local neighbors and businesses can often offer competitive pricing compared to a rental warehouse.
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Share your stuff, earn cash
Why buy the things you’ll only use a few times a month? When you can rent them for a fraction of the price?
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